Group Sues Cemetery After Partner’s Dead Body Falls Out Of Casket Whilst Was Being Lowered Towards Grave

A bereaved family members is suing a funeral service residence and cemetery after their particular relative’s human body fell out of the casket while becoming reduced to the grave during the funeral service. The family of Andrew Serrano happened to be shocked and horrified if the Massachusetts people’s casket decrease available along with his human anatomy fell out in March 2019. Based on a suit filed in Essex Superior Court a week ago, as gotten by


, the family alleges neglect and reckless infliction of psychological distress.

A Massachusetts family members whose relative’s corpse dropped of a casket since it was being lowered into a grave features prosecuted the funeral home and the cemetery.

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November 10, 2021

  1. This was a bad collision.

    The funeral, taken care of by the Perez Funeral Residence from the city-owned Bellevue Cemetery within the town of Lawrence on April 5, 2019, was going as well as such a sad occasion can. But out of the blue, “one in the part bands in the city-owned casket reducing device broke, leading to Mr. Serrano’s casket to fall into the grave and break aside,” the match reveals.

  2. The complete household had been traumatized by occasion.

    It’s terrible enough being forced to leave behind someone you care about, but to own their human body desecrated in such a way, unintentional or perhaps not, had been a great deal to carry. The corpse “fell out from the casket,” the fit states, stating that it simply happened completely view of “horrified family members exactly who turned into visibly distraught and hysterical.”

  3. Your family is actually seeking $50,000 in problems.

    By committed on the writing, the funeral house had not responded to NBC Washington’s request review. The city also declined to touch upon the allegations and/or suit. The town of Lawrence, E&J Memorial solutions, Inc and also the Bellevue Cemetery Board of Trustees are known as within the match and might have to pay right up.

A Massachusetts family whoever loved one’s casket fell available because it was being decreased into a grave, evoking the human anatomy to fall aside, provides prosecuted the funeral house and the cemetery.

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November 10, 2021

A Massachusetts family members whoever loved one’s casket dropped available as it was being decreased into a grave, evoking the human body to-fall completely, sued the funeral residence and cemetery.

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November 11, 2021

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November 10, 2021