Gender Diaries: The Stay-at-Home Mom Turned Foot-Fetish Model

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requires unknown city dwellers to tape per week within intercourse lives â?? with comic, tragic, frequently beautiful, and constantly revealing effects. Recently, a once-wealthy girl providing the woman feet to pay the costs: 45, directly, divorced, UWS.


5:51 a.m.

The sunlight channels in through my bedroom screen large above New york. I grab a fast peek inside my email messages. Thirty-seven brand-new messages â?¦ possibly 1 or 2 will pan on. Nearly all are work-related â?? I’m during the fetish business. Just before that, I happened to be married to a very wealthy guy. I happened to be a stay-at-home mother and spouse and took proper care of my personal lovely home (really, a housekeeper did) and organized the personal lifetime of my loved ones.

Stuff has altered.

We haven’t gotten my personal youngster assistance inspections in over two months. While my personal ex traipsed around European countries together with life-size Barbie girl, I was home with two children trying to make stops satisfy. After an abusive relationship, nearly seven decades in split up judge, a dying father, as well as 2 small children, I was in no situation to get work. Even in the event i really could have, the single thing I became great at was being a trophy girlfriend.

5:55 a.m.

As I was in university, I found myself a base design for a few huge developers. A photographer friend clued me in to the foot-fetish business and inform me just how much my legs can be worth. Once my personal cash dilemmas got big enough, we remembered this â?¦ and began dabbling. Regularly i am going to get moderately stimulated â?? truly, usually not. It really is a career. At This Time, I’m not in any actual sexual union â?¦

I visit a good information: “Good morning – I found myself intrigued by your offer. But We have a concern: So what does the rest of you appear like? – Harry ” wanting there is the response to my personal money issues, I reacted immediately.

7:30 a.m.

Kids up (I have a daughter, 12, and a girl that is 7), outfitted, and prepared. No meals to bring because they consume at their particular private school in Riverdale.

7:49 a.m.

Children to their strategy to school. Today I am able to see if Harry is really severe. I send him my personal top, fat, ethnicity, coloring, size, and simply tell him I reside in a doorman building. I didn’t know this could be therefore complex. I happened to be at first much more concerned with the embarrassment and concern about visitors in my home, not every one of these annoying concerns.

10 a.m.

I nearby the offer with Harry. He is coming tomorrow early morning.

3:15 p.m.

Goldfish, carrot sticks, and hummus before my girl’s dancing class.

7 p.m.

Mathematics tutor both for young ones. I reveal to the tutor that I’ll have to pay in a few days. (it is not the first occasion I’m at the rear of, also it will not be the last.)

My ex wasn’t usually in this way. No less than, I didn’t notice it. When we came across, he seemed like a genuine guy, in contrast to the young men I have been online dating. A Russian jet-setter whom liked the lifestyle, shopping, chatting forever, and hanging out with me. He helped me feel very special, important, and delightful. Everybody told me how much he cherished myself. In my opinion the guy actually did (whilst still being really does, you might say).

10 p.m.

Bedtime â?? I Am exhausted.

DAY a couple

5:56 a.m.

Another poor nights rest. We make my self a double espresso. Massaging my vision, i believe,

Shit, performed I really accept see Harry nowadays?

No check from my personal fucking ex-husband and a near-empty refrigerator. Damn right you did, woman.

7:45 a.m.

Drop kids off at coach.

8:30 a.m.

Close the blinds. Shower, shave my legs, pumice my foot until they can be sleek as a child’s behind, moisturize from my personal throat to my personal feet. Spritz of Chanel #5.

9:55 a.m.

I am resting about chair awaiting Harry, imagining every feasible scenario. Can you imagine he’s somebody i am aware? I would just die. Nobody would ever before think some body like me is advertising on Craigslist.

9:59 a.m.

My building concierge calls upwards, “there can be a guy to see you.”

10:02 a.m

. We start the doorway discover Harry, a distinguished-looking man with gold hair. While he comes into my apartment, the guy will be taking off his navy cashmere coat and arms myself a stack of 20s. Demonstrably, he’s completed this prior to. “what is actually from the menu?” he asks, putting me off-guard. We make sure he understands “basic foot-fetish things” as confidently when I can.

11:10 a.m.

Harry uses his time lying on the floor while I sit on the couch and rehearse my foot to offer him a massage. Today, I am not a masseuse, nor perform I imagine become one. I am simply looking for something you should carry out since the guy doesn’t want to draw my toes. Fifty mins later, I stroll my customer into door and wish him a pleasant day. Straightforward as that! $300!


I almost dance entirely to Whole ingredients, where We joyfully shell out $69.00 for one large shopping case using my income.

5 p.m.

I make poultry fajitas and fresh guacamole with edges of grain and kidney beans. It’s the finest food we have now got in times.

9:30 p.m.

Homework done, teeth brushed, and young ones during sex. Better make use of the time to see what’s brand new on Craigslist. We field emails and article much more adverts.

10:30 p.m.

Lights out.

time THREE

5:10 a.m.

We get up even earlier than typical to acquire another e-mail from Harry. The guy desires get back to see me again.

8:20 a.m.

Harry comes and seems in a very good state of mind despite the monsoon outside. He is carrying a bag from Dean & Deluca â?? breakfast in my situation. We check him and recognize he’s entirely dried out; the guy should have a driver.

The guy places a collection of 20s back at my dining table. When I’m carried out with morning meal, Harry spends with the rest of their time lying on to the floor while i take advantage of my personal legs supply him a light therapeutic massage. When his time’s up, he appears, offers me personally a hug (some larger and more than your day before), then he’s out the door. Ka-ching, ka-ching! $300!

9:30 a.m.

I call back two clients. You’re coming-on his lunch break.

11:55 a.m.

Thirty-minute period with Marv. He is very youthful, but skilled. The guy delivered me personally shoes â?? cheap-looking platforms â?? from El Mundo to design. That’s all the guy desires from me. They look like they are cheaper than $10, however, if he desires us to wear them i’ll. $100!

12:30 p.m.

I hand the footwear to Marv. He states, “you can preserve them â?¦ we can make use of them once more on the next occasion.” My one thought: “Oh yay; he’s finding its way back again!”

12:35 p.m.

Hide boots. My daughter’s a snoop, and she’d love these cheapo heels.

12:45 p.m.

Right back on Craigslist, scrolling and patrolling for much more men with safe fetishes.

6 p.m.

Wednesday-night visitation. Young ones and I also are downstairs during the reception awaiting my ex. They’re both acquiring stressed and consistently inquiring myself just what time really. My personal kids don’t need this stress and anxiety. Neither perform I.

6:38 p.m.

My ex ultimately pulls right up. We make sure he understands I wanted the little one assistance or we are going back to courtroom. The guy phone calls me personally a “fucking bitch” while watching young ones. The doorman hears every little thing. But we blame me with this circumstance. I Found Myself thus really naïve! I thought my hubby would take care of me for the remainder of my entire life.

8 p.m.

My daughter phone calls to express good night and begs us to come and get their. I am seething.

8:15 p.m.

We open up a bottle of wine and cry. Exactly what will I do after that? Tend to be we probably going to be ok? Exactly how did I actually ever find a way to not just wed a total narcissist but having kiddies with him?

1:32 a.m.

I awake to my living-room settee in a-sweat, fresh from a headache where my ex-husband is a piranha which chewed my legs down together with rows and rows of sharp, needlelike teeth. This Craigslist thing should be a tremendously temporary circumstance. Hopefully simply until my possessions are released.

time FOUR

5:28 a.m.

Get up searching and feeling like shit. Harry desires see me again. 3 days consecutively!

9:04 a.m.

Harry arrives at my personal front door for his usual appointment. $300!

10:08 a.m.

I have generated a thousand bucks in just a few days and worked just four-hours (excluding publishing adverts and corresponding with clients).

10:30 a.m.

Deposit cash so I will pay costs.

11 a.m.

Back home as well as on Craigslist. I need to keep your energy heading. I am fulfilling new-people and feeling special. Often I Do Believe that is a lot better than matchmaking â?¦

3:15 p.m.

My personal children are right back. My personal girl asks the reason why i am wearing lipstick. We sit. My personal boy informs me we look specially quite today.

4 p.m.

My child has actually a play day, and my personal daughter has soccer training. While examining emails from my iphone 3gs, we speak to the moms and a hot unmarried father. We ponder if he has got any fetishes â?¦

9 p.m.

We enable the kids to arrive at sleep very early so I get right back on Craigslist. Possibly vacations are busier versus workweek.

time FIVE


Whilst the children are at school I see an innovative new client for 30 minutes. The guy fondles my feet while staying completely hushed. He will not take a look myself during the vision. Really odd. $120!

3:30 p.m.

My personal girl and that I make cupcakes, the woman preferred.

6 p.m.

The youngsters are likely to my personal ex’s for any week-end. My personal child is actually pleading with me not to deliver her. I wish it did not have to-be this way.

6:41 p.m.

My ex is actually late again. The guy does not also bother to manufacture upwards a justification. We once again inform the bastard that I need my personal child-support check. Responding, he pushes down. I’m sure I listen to my personal child call-out for my situation.

7 p.m.

I finish the final of Bordeaux and look my e-mails. I’ll be kidless and want to function whenever humanly possible on the weekend.


9 a.m.

My personal basic visit told his spouse which he would definitely a fitness center. As an alternative, he is sucking my feet and worrying about marriage. $200!

11:33 a.m.

2nd client is actually from Connecticut. The guy told their partner he’d to give work right now to handle some thing. The guy desires be on his legs for the whole program and give me a call Mistress. Before leaving he asks if he can keep coming back and scrub my personal toilets sometime. Everyone loves that concept. $120!

2 p.m.

My third customer fingers me a script as he walks through the home. We pray I don’t fuck upwards my part! We pretend he’s having a position meeting beside me and that I catch him checking out my personal feet. I can’t believe guys pay for this shit. $200!

3:12 p.m.

I am tired. We make myself an espresso and a tuna sub. Catnap on my bed.

6 p.m.

I range some emails. I’m sick of men answering my personal ads with pictures regarding junk and reasoning I’m within this free of charge because I really enjoy having visitors suck my feet.

7:11 p.m

. I’m stretched-out back at my settee once I have a call requesting an appointment. The person regarding the phone is courteous and very respectful. He requires easily can put on dark-blue opaque pantyhose and a skirt. Odd, but I’m positively just starting to understand that lots of men have very specific fantasies.

8 p.m.

While I open the doorway i cannot conceal my personal shock. He’s standing up before me in a black suit, a black wide-brimmed cap, and has a long dark mustache. We never expected an Orthodox Jew of the Hasidic assortment as a client!

9:17 p.m.

I make the longest and hottest shower and go straight to bed. Just what a day. I’m psychologically and actually tired. I pray for my assets to get unfrozen and for my personal overdue, paltry child-support checks to magically show up.


5:32 a.m.

Email from Harry. He’s by himself tonight and desires to grab a bite beside me. He is becoming a consistent section of my personal week and a friend, in simply the short period of time we’ve recognized both.

6 a.m.

I make me a cup of tea and remain during sex. I believe i am as well exhausted working nowadays. I count my personal hard earned cash.


We take a stroll and seize an avocado toast at Le soreness Quotidien. Personally I think like We never ever allow my apartment any longer.

7:30 p.m.

Harry shows up with meal from Nobu, a large embrace, and a bag of booze. I’m thus happy to see him. I make sure he understands about last night’s client and my personal bastard ex-husband. Harry’s maybe not the only, but he’s a lot closer to it than my personal ex. I wish to end up being with one exactly who values myself as one. I wish to take a relationship with a person that would like to end up being a WE perhaps not a ME â?? a person that wont reveal themselves as a self-absorbed narcissist like my personal ex turned out to be after money, drugs, liquor, and prostitutes got the best of him.

8:30 p.m.

Wine and sake both exposed. I’m experiencing woozy using Harry’s bartending abilities. Harry moves their human anatomy just a little closer to mine and playfully pulls me down alongside him and gives me a chaste kiss back at my forehead. The guy ever-so-lightly massages my personal stiff arm and tactics slowly, tentatively, to my neck. The guy rubs and caresses, discovering a knot inside my shoulder that he skillfully removes. Then he states, “why not I would ike to give you a climax? That’ll bring your head off circumstances.”

I rapidly sit-up, head whirling. He continues, “How about we supply one thousand bucks if I can? I guess make use of the amount of money. And that I learn you’ll have a very good time. I’m great at this â?¦” 1000 bucks? What i’m saying is, he is right. I definitely can use the amount of money. Once isn’t a climax the best thing? But in the event i desired to, I would be thus nervous and uptight that I’d have never one. Harry might be between my thighs for the remainder of my entire life attempting to make it happen. “Well, what exactly do you say?” We stall. This Is Certainly not a decision We previously thought I’d have to make â?¦

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